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Success story- ISKRA Zakład Maszyn i Łożysk Specjalnych Sp. z o.o.


ISKRA ZMiłS is a production company with a tradition dating back over 50 years and a recognizable brand in Poland and around the world.

ISKRA, since its inception, has been famous for the production of specialized bearing products. The plant also deals with comprehensive solutions in the field of design, production and modernization of machines and devices, as well as the provision of machining services.

In mid-2023, the company’s management asked the Enterprise Europe Network center at the Staropolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kielce about the possibility of expert support in diagnosing the company’s development needs in the field of digitalization of selected business processes.

Experts from the EEN network center conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs, as a result of which they extended the scope of consultations reported by the company to include all processes taking place in ISKRA that could be covered by digital transformation, so that ISKRA becomes the factory of the future.

The experts outlined the scope of in-depth specialist consulting services, including: diagnosis of the company’s digital maturity, presentation of its results and comparative analysis in relation to other manufacturing companies in the world and similar companies in the country.

The consultants also conducted advisory workshops for the management board and middle management, during which their own strategic approach to digital transformation and an outline of the digital transformation plan were developed.

The recommendations provided to the company by the center’s experts were highly appreciated by the management board. Their step-by-step implementation allows the company to save costs, optimize processes and acquire new markets.