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Success story- Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych EMIZET sp. z o.o.


Zakład Wyrobów Metalowych EMIZET sp. z o.o. specializes in metal processing and has been cooperating with recognized manufacturers of machines, devices and structures in the European Union for years. EMIZET produces individual elements and subassemblies (including prototypes) and in production series according to delivery schedules agreed with the customer. The company also has its own transport fleet, which allows it to deliver ordered items at a time convenient for the customer.

In mid-2023, the Plant Director asked the Enterprise Europe Network center at the Staropolska Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kielce about the possibility of expert support in diagnosing the company’s development needs in the field of digitization of selected business processes.

Experts from the EEN network center analyzed the current state and conducted a preliminary study of the enterprise’s digital maturity, and also outlined a plan to accelerate the digital transformation process in selected areas of the enterprise’s operation. Additionally, EEN network consultants studied and prepared a list of sources of financing available to the company for implementing the plan to accelerate the digitization process.

Consulting provided by the center’s consultants, tailored to the specific nature of the company, was an important element in building the company’s digitization and automation strategy.

The recommendations provided to the company by the center’s experts were highly appreciated by the management staff of EMIZET. Their step-by-step implementation allows the company to save costs, optimize processes and acquire new markets.