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How will intellectual property rights benefit the company when expanding into new markets? The perspective of Africa, China, India, Latin America and the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

28.02.2024 | Fundusz Górnośląski S.A.

The International Intellectual Property Helpdesks for SMEs, in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network, are organizing a series of training sessions to provide European SMEs and stakeholders with an overview of the importance of intellectual property rights for different sectors and the relevant intellectual property clauses, with a particular focus on the most important extraordinary peculiarities of Africa, China, India, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

This session will discuss how to use intellectual property rights to negotiate and enter into contracts with other companies. The presenter will provide guidance on commercial contracts where intellectual property plays a pivotal role, and will discuss strategies to protect commercial interests against infringement and imitation, offering a global overview.

  • Highlights of your product/service (technical solutions, design and name)
  • Agency, distribution and licensing agreements
  • Registration of intellectual property rights

Who is the meeting addressed to?

European entrepreneurs, innovators and business executives who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of internationalization and the role of intellectual property rights in the most commonly used trade agreements in the internationalization process.




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