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Seminar: Artificial intelligence in business development – how to use the AI that is at your fingertips? March 20, 2024

06.03.2024 | Fundusz Górnośląski S.A.

We invite you to participate in a free seminar that will take place on March 20 this year (Wednesday) in Katowice at al. Roździeńskiego 188.

Below you will find the registration form for the meeting.

The meeting is addressed to all entrepreneurs who are interested in using AI to automate processes in their company. Our expert will present the tools, how they work and how they can be used in various areas of the company’s operations. The following people will benefit most from the seminar: management staff, sales specialists, sales managers, marketing specialists, managers of administrative departments and their employees.

Benefits for participants:

Participants will gain practical knowledge of AI tools and their application in business, including management, sales, marketing and administration.

Through case study analysis, participants will see specific examples of the effective use of AI in various business areas.

Brainstorming and working together on projects (live – together with AI), solving specific problems indicated by the participants, will allow you to practically use the acquired knowledge and develop creativity with AI.

To take part in the training, please complete the form registration on the websiteno later than March 19, 2024

Please provide e-mail addresses to which confirmation of participation in the training will be sent.