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Meeting of Entrepreneurs on February 16, 2024 Mielec

13.02.2024 | Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki i Zarządzania w Rzeszowie

Already February 16. We will see you in Mielec in 2024

Together with Women in the Podkarpackie CenterWe invite Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs to participate in the meeting, during which we will discuss extremely important topics regarding the legal gap, equal rights, and the possibility of obtaining funds for business development.

We will also tell you how WE can help you develop your company

Applications for participation can be sent by e-mail to: nazwawcentrum.podkarpackie@gmail.com or by phone 660 595 838.

The number of places is limited!

We invite you and see you soon

Enterprise Europe Network at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów